MAC Youth Sub-Committee April Meeting

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April 26, ampoule 2011 Notes from Marin Autism Collaborative Youth Sub-Committee

Dear Marin Autism Community:
Today was our last meeting of the school year. Thanks so much for all your participation this year. We will meet once again in September but at a NEW LOCATION The Marin County ConnectionCenter at 3240 Kerner Blvd. San Rafael, doctor 94901.

The dates for the fall are Tuesday September 19, Tuesday October 18 and Tuesday, November 29th. Our meeting time is still 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Please join us as we address the Autism challenges faced by our Underserved populations in our county.

Discussion Notes:
• The committee supported the amazing graduate occupational therapy students from Dominican University as they revealed the draft of the Asperger Resource Directory they have prepared for the Marin Autism Collaborative Web Site. These wonderful students held several focus groups around the Bay Area, including Matrix Asperger Support Group, an Autistry Student forum, ASSCEND support group, College Internship Program and the Marin Autism Youth Committee members, identifying current resources for people with Asperger and current gaps in services. This directory is planned to be our web site in June. Thanks so much!
• The committee then took on the task of defining Underserved in Marin. The answers were interesting (see below). We all agreed that we needed to expand our committee adding representatives from the county that can help us identify the challenges the Underserved with the challenge of autism. Matrix will be adding a Spanish speaking member to the committee, Penny Valentine with the SELPA will be adding a member to the team in the fall, the Occupational Therapy Department at Dominican will be adding graduate students who are bilingual therapists and Karen will be connecting with the Hispanic Chamber and the regional center for additional members who could offr expertise.
a) Low income
b) Children of color
c) Isolated families
d) Financially challenged
e) Emotionally challenged families
f) Language Barriers
g) Foster Care children
h) At Risk children
i) Homeless
• Karen reported that she connected with Areva Martin ( , a member of the Autism Blue Ribbon Commission for California and that shehas agreed to offer help as her focus for the commission was the Underserved and she has been developing projects in the Los Angeles area addressing these needs.
• The committees talked about the potential of having Areva do a keynote next year on this area.
• The committee spoke about getting Marin City area involved, Marin Clinics Involved and Head Start and the Community Centers involved in addressing ASD in the underserved.
• The Committee agreed that holding our meetings next year at the Marin Connection Center could encourage key additional participation from members of communities that can help us address this area of need.

Many thanks to all of you committee members who supported the Youth Autism Sub-Committee this year. Your time and input is appreciated. It is my hope to see a great group come together in September to tackle our next area of concern in our county. THE UNDERSERVED.

Have a great summer,
Karen Kaplan

• Be on the lookout for the 4th Annual Lecture Series registration. It is going to be a great series of 8 lectures.
• Save the date for the 3rd Annual North Bay Autism Resource Exposition, September 17, 2011 at Dominican University