Autism Treatment Settled with Blue Shield

Autism treatment dispute settled with Blue Shield

The Associated Press
Posted:   01/31/2012 06:12:55 PM PST

LOS ANGELES—A state regulator has reached an agreement with Blue Shield of California to provide coverage of a pricey type of autism treatment.Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says his department took action against the insurer in July to get Tuesday’s settlement that promises the insurer will comply with the state’s Mental Health Parity law.

The law requires coverage for medically necessary behavioral therapies, including applied behavioral analysis therapy.

Blue Shield spokesman Steve Shivinsky says the settlement confirms the insurer’s existing policy dating back to July 2011, when the state’s other health insurance regulator, the Department of Managed Health Care, made similar demands for HMO policyholders.

Shivinsky says the insurer then began providing ABA services for all of its policyholders, and Tuesday’s agreement only confirms it.

The Autism Society of California

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