Back to School Resources for Parents and Children

It is back-to-school for most kids in Marin County, and here are some resources for special education, IEP and PTI development, and other programs aimed at children on the autism spectrum.

Support for Newly Diagnosed:

Early Support Program for Autism- Stanford Children’s Health

Special Education Resources for Students K-12:

Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund

Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund- Special Education and Free Workshop Info

Marin County Office of Education

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Advice for High School IEP Meeting

PTI and IEP Resources for Parents:

Matrix Parent Network- IEP Clinic

Map of CA Parent Training and Information Centers

The IEP Cycle- Disability Rights and Educational Defense Fund

IEP Development- Marin Autism Collaborative Resource

Transition Planning:

Parent Activity Transition Planning- Marin Autism Collaborative resource

Autism Speaks Transition Toolkit

CA Transition Alliance

Other Programs:

The Marin Humane Society- Jumping for Joy Program (A free program for children with Special Needs)

MAC Parent Support Group Exploratory Meeting


The Marin Autism Collaborative invites you to join parents, grandparents, and guardians of children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum to share ideas on ways to support our community. Share your thoughts, topics of interest, and how we can better develop a parent support group. More information here.

If you are unable to attend the meeting on May 15, please feel free to email your topics of interest to Nancy La at nla@lifehouseagency.org.

Marin Autism Collaborative Annual Meeting 2014

On March 8, the Marin Autism Collaborative held its annual meeting, where parents and service providers shared information and resources about transition planning for individuals with ASD. Read more about the information that was shared here.

The Marin Autism Population…Statistically Speaking

Occupational Therapy students at Dominican University recently completed a project for the Marin Autism Collaborative reporting some of the most recent statistics and trends regarding the Autism Spectrum population at the county, state and national levels. Data was compiled from sources such as the California Department of Education, the Pacific Autism Center for Education, and Golden Gate Regional Center, among others, and are represented in this document in brief talking points and visual aids. Read the document here.

Bay Area School Demonstrates that a Functional Based Program Can Be a Great Beginning to a Positive Quality of Life

The functional based program at Wings Learning Center, a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Redwood City, CA, demonstrates how functional based programming can incorporate all critical educational areas into effective and engaging, meaningful activities. Read more in this article written by Karen Kaplan, Executive Director at Wings Learning Center. She is also founder and coordinator of The Marin Autism Lecture Series and the Annual Marin Autism Information and Resource Fair.

Attention California Parents!

Several significant changes are taking place involving funding from regional centers and health insurance to help families pay for their child’s autism treatment.

California Autism Insurance Takes Effect July 1. Is your family ready? Click here to find out about free workshops or to submit a free insurance benefits review form.

Marin Independent Journal Article:
“Autism in Marin” written by Nancy Dow Moody, Lifehouse President/CEO

Read the article here!

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